Tom and Kitt on the Delaware River August 2005
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Welcome all Mckittrick's Families,

We started this website, to share family photos with our children, parents, sibblings and grandparents who are scattered all over the USA. We had no idea this would become a place for Mckittrick's from all over the world to stop by. We live in the Philadelphia Suburbs, about 1/4 mile from the Delaware River. Living along the river agrees with us. Tom and I were born and raised in Bradford, PA, USA. We have lived in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area for about 34 years. Perhaps you know us personally, please send us some mail, we would love to hear from you.

Our son Brian (AKA Kitt) served in the US Army 1999-2007.
Please include him and all the military in your prayers.

Please visit the Genealogy Forum and share your history.

Tom and Ava Mckittrick

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